The cake topper arrives on a clear plastic backing sheet. You’ll need to peel away this backing sheet to then be able to apply the cake topper to your cake.

Please be careful when removing the cake topper from the zip lock bag, sometimes the cake topper can already be peeled away from the clear plastic backing sheet.

Please ensure your hands are always dry when handling the cake topper.

Removing Your Cake Topper from the Clear Backing Sheet

Keep your cake topper in its plastic bag until you are ready to use it. Take it out of the bag about 20 minutes before applying it to the cake to allow time for it to dry out slightly. This will make it easier to peel from the backing sheet. The cake topper should peel off easily   DO NOT FORCE IT! If it is sticking to the backing sheet this is probably due to the temperature and humidity in the room.

Please keep reading for tips on how to resolve this.

DO NOT WET THE TOP OF THE CAKE TOPPER – this will cause the colours in the image to run.

Applying Your Cake Topper to the Cake – this is best done on the day of the event

Hold the cake topper gently and place the middle onto the cake first, then smooth it out to the edges with the palm of your hand. If any bubbles or wrinkles appear in the image gently pat them out with DRY fingers. If you accidentally tear the cake topper – DON’T PANIC! Just rub very gently with a dry finger and it will merge back together and the tear will disappear after an hour or so.

Buttercream: Apply the cake topper right after icing the cake. Buttercream icings form a thin crust about an hour after it has been applied. If the Buttercream has formed a crust, spray with a fine mist of water before applying the cake topper. It is important that the cake topper has something slightly tacky to stick to.

Fondant/Shop-Bought Cake: If the icing on your cake has dried or formed a crust, a little moisture will help the cake topper attach to the icing and blend in. Dampen the cake icing using a fine mist/spray but don’t over-wet it. Pat the top with kitchen towel to absorb any excess moisture. It is important that the cake topper has something slightly tacky to stick to.

Your Finished Cake:

After a few hours the cake topper should blend into the icing, the time this takes and the results will vary depending on how dry your icing is. If your icing is too dry the cake topper will not blend into the icing, it will just sit on top of the icing.

If you have used a very dry icing or if you need to serve the cake straight away, you can pipe some icing around the cake topper to hide any visible edges.

Ice Cream/Frozen Cakes: If you are applying the cake topper to an Ice Cream Cake allow the cake to thaw slightly in the refrigerator or mist the ice cream with some milk before applying the cake topper. Apply the cake topper just before serving the cake.

Cookies: Apply some form of icing or frosting around the edge to hold the cake topper in place.

What to do if the Cake Topper will not come off the backing sheet?

If the cake topper does not peel off the backing it’s because it’s too damp. In most cases due to humidity.

There are a number of things you can do:

  • Use a hair dryer to blow hot air on the front and reverse side of the backing sheet for 30-40 seconds
  • Leave the cake topper in normal room conditions to allow it to dry sufficiently
  • Roll the cake topper over the edge of a desk to encourage the icing to come off
  • Leave the cake topper in an air conditioned room for a short period of time
  • Place the cake topper in a warm dry oven at a low temperature for about 1-2 minutes, or lay the cake topper on a warm pan for 1-2 minutes
  • Place the cake topper in a very cold DRY freezer for 10-15 seconds. Not Longer. We find this method works the best of all

How long will the Cake Topper Store for?

Typically they can be preserved if kept in their secure air lock bag for 12 months.

I recommend using the cake topper within 3 months of receiving it as the colours may begin to change.

If you don’t intend to use the cake topper straight away please keep the cake topper in the sealed air lock bag that it arrived in and store on a flat surface in a cool, dry place (pantry/cupboard) in the meantime.


Once you have applied the cake topper to the cake it is not recommended storing the cake in the refrigerator. The moisture from the refrigerator can cause the ink to run and bubbles can form between the icing on the cake and the cake topper.

If you need to store the cake in the refrigerator only do so for a short period of time.